December 2-3, 2020

An ARK Virtual Workshop

A Virtual Master Class for the NEW Practice Group Leader


You have just been appointed as one of your firm’s newest practice group leaders and you now have the care and custody of a group of your peers. This may be your first experiencing in managing or leading a group or business unit. To be effective you must now forge a team out of a group of autonomous individuals - most of whom are now working from home…

Only one small problem . . . you were never trained or given any guidance on how to go about organizing and managing a group of your fellow professionals—let alone remotely.

So where do you turn?

Who Should Attend

NEW Department Chairs, and Practice/Industry Group Managers/Leaders in law firms who want to learn how to be effective in their new roles, learn how to motivate their peers (even those attorneys who may be more senior than you), and explore where to direct your limited and precious (non-billable leadership) time in order to maximize your investment.

Why Attend

This intensive, skills-building workshop is an investment in your ability to make a measurable difference to your group’s quality of service, profitability, and professional morale. Every aspect of this experience is designed to provide hands-on checklists, interpersonal techniques and exercises to make it completely applicable for you to use immediately.