Last Year's Agenda

May 14, 2020

9:00AM – 9:10AM

Chairperson Welcome Remarks

Justin Witz, Co-Founder and CEO
Catapult HQ Inc. 

9:10AM - 9:25AM

9:25AM- 11:25AM

Pre-Conference Workshop: Strategies to Generate Overall Success with your RFP Production

  • Excel in RFP writing by incorporating stringent guidelines to separate your RFPs from the many others being reviewed
  • Structure your RFP team to streamline assignment of RFPs and include cross training for multiple products to improve productivity with all team members
  • Strategies to create a successful RFP timeline to reduce the possibility of missing important deadlines
  • Streamline the process for RFP approval from all stakeholders to increase efficiency


Jeffry Haber, Professor
LaPenta School of Business,
Iona College

Justin Witz, Founder and CEO,
Catapult HQ Inc.

Chelsea Rutter, Product Manager,
Catapult HQ Inc.

11:25AM - 11:40AM

11:40AM – 12:25PM

RFP Team Development and Management: Best Practices When Developing and Maintaining a Strong RFP Team

  • Identify desired attributes and qualities of your team including personnel responsible for incorporating and managing tech solutions to create a more efficient process
  • Implement continued education of team members to support growth and development to help improve consistency and retention with incentives and structured goals
  • Manage the entirety of the RFP process through each step and with each stakeholder to enhance efficiency


Diane Hallet, RFP Manager
Eaton Vance

Daniel Rollins, Assistant Vice President, Global Marketing Operations
MFS Investment Management

12:25PM - 12:55PM
Lunch Break

12:55PM – 1:40PM

Manage an Ever-Growing Number of RFPs While Maintaining Desired Quality

  • Create an environment of continuous quality improvement and compliance within your team to produce excellent proposals, understand the competitive landscape, and create new content for your RFPs
  • Ensure minimum qualifications are met before completing an RFP to increase the probability of winning mandates
  • Design and implement processes that help keep the workload balanced, create an efficient working environment within your team, and increase retention and job satisfaction


Melissa Lane, Business Development Proposal Manager
Colonial Consulting, LLC®

Alison Bray, Director, RFPs and Due Diligence
Baron Capital


1:40PM – 1:55PM

1:55PM - 2:40PM

Explore the Intricacies of Dealing with Global Teams

  • Discuss tested strategies in managing international RFP response teams 
  • Learn how to build systems for facilitating collaboration and building camaraderie between international teams 
  • Create processes to overcome problematic issues when working with global teams, including differences in time zones, regulations, and languages 


Colleen Dunne, Head of NA RFP & GCDB 

David Blume, Senior Account Executive 

2:40PM – 2:55PM

2:55PM – 3:40PM

Strategies to Identify the Right Fit when Selecting a Vendor

  • Establish the tech solution needs of your team to help identify which solutions will increase workflow and productivity
  • Conduct a cost analysis of each tech solution option to identify which is the best product for your organization
  • Calculate if the solution meets your future organizational needs to avoid costly mistakes


Daniel Rollins, Assistant Vice President, Global Marketing Operations
MFS Investment Management 

Bruce Kahn, Ph.D., Director of Investor Relations,
Edgewood Capital Advisors

3:40PM – 3:55PM

3:55PM – 4:40PM

Streamline the Technology Solution Integration Process

  • Create a plan of action for integration of the new tech solution well in advance to identify any potential issues through integration
  • Establish potential time constraint issues when integrating and prepare in advance to overcome these constraints
  • Implement educational training for all team members on new processes to streamline transition for your organization

Beth Mosley, Sr. Manager, Global Product Information
Principal Global Investors

4:40PM - 4:55PM

4:55PM –5:05PM

Chairperson Day 1 Recap

Justin Witz, Co-Founder and CEO
Catapult HQ Inc. 

May 15, 2020

9:00AM – 9:10AM

Chairperson Welcome Remarks

Justin Witz, Co-Founder and CEO
Catapult HQ Inc. 

9:10AM – 9:25AM

9:25AM – 10:10AM

Successful Strategies to Improve Your Current Due Diligence Process

  • Evaluate your current due diligence process to identify areas of inefficiency that can be stalling workflow
  • Scour through potential vendors to identify which would be the best fit for your organization
  • Create a plan of action to implement the tech solution to your current process with ease to diminish wasted time or confusion within your team



Amanda Tepper, Founder, CEO
Chestnut Advisory Group


Kristin Koloniaris, Managing Director

Beth Mosley, Sr. Manager, Global Product Information
Principal Global Investors

10:10AM- 10:25AM



10:25AM – 11:10AM

Client Service as Business Development: The Critical Role Customer Experience Plays in Retaining and Winning Business

  • Understand the changing needs of retail and institutional buyers to comprehend the variations within their desired outcomes
  • Embrace the new focus on retaining clients, and the key factors influencing the retention decision
  • Identify key areas where client service needs are not being met, and tactics to address these shortcomings
  • Evaluate opportunities to proactively support clients and anticipate their due diligence needs
  • Innovative data, technology, and communication strategies to enhance retention efforts

Jeremy Steinberg, Vice President, Client Experience 

11:10AM – 11:25AM

11:25AM – 12:10PM

Emerging Trends and Alternative Investment Strategies that May Impact How You Operate

  • Analyze the current and future trends of investment in crypto currency and cannabis and how it will evolve within the marketplace to better be prepared for change
  • Distinguish how the diversity make up of your organization, or lack of diversity, is impacting how you market to potential clients
  • Identify areas of improvement for your RFP process in advance of trends to set yourself apart from the competitors



Elana Margulies-Snyderman, Senior Manager


Kristin Carlin, CIO
FERN Impact Partners

Alison Bray, Director, RFPs and Due Diligence
Baron Capital

Dominic Ward, Managing Director
Iconic Holding


12:10PM – 12:40PM

Lunch Break

12:40PM – 1:25PM

A Look Into the Dramatic Rise in the Importance of Responsible Investing, ESG, and Impact Investing

  • Evaluate the increased in importance of ESG/Impact/Sustainable Investing and how your organization can adapt to manage the changes 
  • Comprehend why ESG is here to stay and not another fad to attract investors 
  • Discuss strategies on how sustainability can be achieved within your organization 
  • Best practices to authentically differentiate your approach to set your business apart from your competitors


Sandra Myburgh, CEO
FERN Impact Partners

Drianne Benner, Managing Director
Appomattox Advisory, Inc.

Elizabeth Hiss, Investment Research Analyst
Brown Advisory

1:25PM – 1:40PM

1:40PM – 2:20PM

Strategies to Enhance the Client Service Customer Journey

  • Create and utilize measurement tools to identify areas of improvement for your client services relationship with each client, including communicating your core values
  • Strategies for upselling to existing clients to generate new assets, and improve the strength of your relationship
  • Best practices to increase the “close-knit” relationship with each client, to build trust to expand possibility of future investment

 Speaker to be announced 

2:20PM - 2:35PM

2:35PM – 2:40PM

Chairperson Closing Remarks

Justin Witz, Co-Founder and CEO
Catapult HQ Inc.