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Streaming Live 
November 12-13, 2020

Converting During COVID-19 and Civil Unrest 
A Virtual Police Recruitment and Retention Series 

Join us for 8 hours of virtual content covering critical information to improve your recruitment and retention efforts. Hear from highly qualified speakers discuss innovative strategies to improve your marketing process, tactics to recruit in a virtual world, and best practices to retain important assets to your organization.

Virtual Series Key Content Themes:

  • Marketing:
    Hear from marketing specialists on proven methods to increase brand awareness and virtual traffic to your social media sites and organizations website to improve community bond and grow recruiting pool.
  • Recruiting:
    Learn innovative strategies to recruit virtually, remain competitive, and beat competitors to the highest-level candidates.
  • Retention: 
    Gain tools for retaining valuable assets to your organization, to reduce the burden on recruiting and maintain leadership within the organization.


This virtual series has been carefully crafted with the following job functions in mind:

  • Chief of Police
  • Sheriff 
  • Commander
  • Captain
  • Lieutenant 
  • Sergeant 
  • Officer 
  • Human Resources 
  • Detective - Recruiting Unit

Top Reasons to Attend-FRA Webinar Series

The impact of COVID-19 coupled with the civil unrest currently seen throughout the nation has made successful recruitment more difficult than ever. This virtual series will help attendees:

  • Capture attention through positive and strategic social media campaigns
  • Build relationships with key organizations, like universities, to increase exposure
  • Reduce unnecessary barriers in the recruiting process that prevent candidates from reaching their goal
  • Implement key tactics for adapting recruitment processes in the face of uncertainty 
  • Identify achievable incentive offerings to increase the retention of your department's most valuable officers