November, 12, 2020

9:00 – 9:10AM EST

Chairperson’s Welcome and Opening Remarks

George Teixeira, Partner


9:10 – 9:55AM EST

Year-End Tax Planning Opportunities

  • Address year-end tax planning based on Presidential election result predictions
  • Discover and make the most of state and local tax opportunities
  • Understand the finer points of structuring management companies for the best tax results


Philip Gross, Member

Kleinberg, Kaplan, Wolff & Cohen, P.C.

9:55 – 10:05AM EST
Tech Break

10:05 – 10:50AM EST

Analyze the IRS’ Proposed Carried Interest Regulations

  • Understand what is at stake with incentive allocation and long-term capital gains
  • Determine how fee waivers may work with the new carry rules
  • See the full impact of converting management fees to profit allocation, and vice versa


Edward Dougherty, National Managing Partner, Investment Management Tax; National Hedge Fund Leader



Laura Ross, Partner


10:50 – 11:00AM EST
Tech Break

11:00 – 11:45AM EST

Tax Considerations for New Products and Investment Strategies

  • Uncover the latest financial products and relevant tax planning
  • Understand the tax impact from recently released 163(j) guidance on business interest expense deduction limitation
  • Constructive sales: benefit from best practices for planning when you have unrealized gains


Tony Tuths, Tax Principal, Alternative Investments


11:45 – 11:55AM EST
Tech Break

11:55 – 12:30PM EST

Tax Considerations for Foreign Funds Investing in the US

  • Discuss effectively connected income (ECI) and the latest on loan origination and restructuring
  • Learn how to use corporate blockers to minimize US tax
  • Understand the use of real estate investment trusts (REITs) and how to stop tax “leakage”
  • Explore sample fund structures to gain deeper insight


Maury Cartine, Partner

Marcum LLP


Amanda Nussbaum, Partner 

Proskauer Rose 

12:30 – 1:00PM EST
Lunch Break

1:00PM – 1:40PM EST

Tax Considerations for Foreign Investments by US Funds

  • Analyze opportunities and pitfalls within passive foreign investment company (PFIC) rules
  • Identify controlled foreign corporations (CFCs); the repeal of Section 958(b)(4) and its unintended consequences
  • Discuss US tax compliance, treaty structures, the implications of taxing foreign derived intangible income (FDII) at a lower rate and other TCJA changes


*Lucy Farr, Partner 

DavisPolk (*invited) 


1:40 – 1:50PM EST
Tech Break

1:50 – 2:35PM EST

Review States’ Responses to COVID-19 and Nexus Considerations

  • Divine the trends among individual state responses to the pandemic and the impact to your business
  • Discuss and gain guidance on the ongoing asset management fee sourcing issue
  • Understand the impact on filing requirements of market sourcing


Nicholas Passantino, Tax Director


2:35 – 2:45PM EST
Tech Break

2:45 – 3:30PM EST

Dive into Liability Allocations and Reporting Rules

  • Get guidance on the new Section 752 regulations and negative tax basis capital account reporting requirements
  • Seize the planning opportunities without triggering deferred taxable income for the principal
  • Learn which partnership liabilities can be included in a partner’s basis in the partnership interest
  • Understand when debt is considered nonrecourse and the implications for responsibility over payment obligations
  • Get clarity on the guidance just released by the IRS for tax capital reporting on the K-1


James Cofer, Partner

Seward & Kissel


Ahuva Indig, Partner, Financial Services 



3:30 – 3:40PM EST
Tech Break

3:40 – 4:10PM EST

Tackle Tax Issues of Restructuring Distressed Debt and Businesses

  • Review taxation of distressed debt to maximize advantages
  • Understand the CARES Act tax provisions and issues impacting distressed companies to fully take advantage of the opportunities
  • Gain clarity and guidance on US federal tax issues when restructuring distressed businesses
  • Learn when and when not to accrue interest income to have the best outcome


Robert Altieri, CPA, Principal  

Frankel, Loughran, Starr & Vallone


Steven Bortnick, Partner 

Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders 

4:10 – 4:30PM EST

IRS Controversy Update

  • Identify the current status of IRS activities
  • Examine recent exam trends to help funds better prepare for increased scrutiny


Miri Abrams Forster, Principal and Tax Controversy Co-Leader


4:30PM EST

Chairperson’s Summary of Day One

George Teixeira, Partner


November 13, 2020

9:00 – 9:10AM EST

Chairperson’s Day Two Opening Remarks

George Teixeira, Partner


9:10 – 9:55AM EST

Keynote Address

9:55 – 10:05AM EST
Tech Break

10:05 – 10:50AM EST

SEC Hot Topics Roundtable

  • Understand the SEC’s examination priorities for 2020 to better prepare
  • Gain best practices to prepare for an exam given the new environment
  • Take a deeper dive into public SEC cases and enforcement actions to stay ahead


Jamila Abston, Partner, Financial Services Risk Management



Chris Mears, Audit Partner and National Emerging Manager Practice Leader  


10:50 ¬– 11:00AM EST
Tech Break

11:00 – 11:45AM EST

Minimize Valuation Risk in an Illiquid Trading Environment

  • With heightened valuation challenges due to the pandemic, learn how to mitigate the valuation risk
  • Grasp the challenges and append liquidity needs beyond government assistance


Gautham Deshpande, Partner


Michael Patanella, Audit Partner and US Asset Management Sector Leader  

Grant Thornton 

11:45 – 11:55AM EST
Tech Break

11:55 – 12:40PM EST

Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks in a Virtual Environment

  • Breaches: understand breaches, how are regulators looking at topics of concern given the pandemic
  • Get ahead: hear What to expect – back up sites, disaster recovery, what does that mean for different firms


Angelo Stio, Partner 

Troutman Pepper Hamilton Sanders 


If you’re interested in speaking, please contact Magda Gibson at

12:40 – 1:10PM EST
Lunch Break

1:10 – 1:55PM EST

Business Continuity Planning in the Wake of the Pandemic Test

  • Discuss what’s worked and what hasn’t, now that company disaster plans have been tested
  • Gather business continuity plan regulatory requirements and best practices concerning funds and portfolio companies
  • Minimize business interruptions: building a plan with impact analysis, resiliency and recovery strategies


Chris Mears, Audit Partner and National Emerging Manager Practice Leader  


1:55 – 2:05PM EST
Tech Break

2:05 – 2:50PM EST

Dive into Treasury Operations for Additional Alpha

  • Understand what is negotiable with your counterparties
  • Learn about using the treasury function to generate additional interest
  • Reduce expenses and generate additional alpha in an environment where even fractional percentage points matter


If you’re interested in speaking, please contact Magda Gibson at 


2:50 – 3:00PM EST
Tech Break

3:00 – 3:45PM EST

Best Practices CFO Roundtable – Managing Operations in 2020 and Beyond

  • Discuss fundraising in the new normal, capitalizing fund and portfolio companies, NAV, secondaries/ restricting, and end of fund concerns
  • Address new staffing needs – emotional and financial – around working remotely, the return to the office and travel and expense policies
  • Gain best practices for Advisory Board and investor relations and for reporting
  • Tackle compliance issues as new opportunities arise


Moderator: Michael Patanella, Partner, National Asset Management Sector Leader  

Grant Thornton 



James Stevenson, Chief Financial Officer 

ABS Capital Partners 


Joshua Cherry-Seto, Chief Financial Officer

Blue Wolf Capital Partners


Eric Emrich, Chief Financial Officer

Independence Capital Partners

3:45PM EST

Chairperson’s Summary Remarks and Conference Concludes

George Teixeira, Partner