September 20, 2021

8:00AM – 6:30PM ET
Exhibit Hall Open
8:00AM – 9:00AM ET
Networking Breakfast

9:00AM – 9:15AM ET

Welcome and Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

Ben Doob, Head of ISS Market Intelligence

ISS Market Intelligence

9:15AM – 10:05AM ET

Sub-Advised Opportunities and Prospects: Winning in the New Normal

  • Get insight on mandate change activity – top categories, managers and sub-advisors – to better plot your moves
  • Discover what’s moving and shaking in the global market to uncover lucrative points of entry
  • Understand the timing and trends in sub-advisory searches to capture opportunities as they emerge


Maria Ma, Head of Fixed Income and International Equity Manager Selection & Portfolio Construction
Lincoln Financial Group


Carl Robinson, Vice President, ISS Market Intelligence
ISS Market Intelligence

10:05AM – 10:50AM ET

Survey New and Rising Vehicle Structures and Product Types in the Sub-Advisory Space

  • Discuss the opportunities and challenges of active ETFs and less liquid products like interval funds moving into retail
  • Get key insights from turn key asset management providers (TAMPs) on their success
  • Get tips and best practices to sell into separately managed account (SMAs) and mutual fund wrap program distribution
  • Understand the appeal of collective investment trusts, how do they work and how can sub-advisory help



Atticus Fallon, Business Development and Client Relations




Kimberly Flynn, Managing Director, Alternative Investments

XA Investments


Jonathan Kreider, SVP, Head of Great-West Investments

Great-West Investments

10:50AM – 11:20AM ET
Morning Networking Break

11:20AM – 12:05PM ET

Master the Evolving Space of Alternatives in ‘40 Act

  • Understand what roles alternatives play in a portfolio and how general investors are using them
  • As hedge funds enter the sub-advised space, discuss whether private markets are now mainstream and how the landscape and firms have changed to accommodate new opportunities
  • Discuss the shift of private equity to retail and approaches to measure returns



12:05PM – 12:50PM ET

What is the Future for Retirement Income Strategies?

  • Discover what’s new in fixed income innovations and fixed income replacements
  • Discuss unconstrained fixed income strategies and how to use them
  • Consider better ways to benchmark and measure performance in the fixed income space
  • Map out what requisite factors have to look like in the medium to long term for Variable Annuities to be attractive


Dana Burns, Senior Portfolio Manager, Investment Grade Fixed Income

PineBridge Investments

12:50PM – 1:50PM ET
Networking Lunch

1:50PM – 2:35PM ET

The New Tone from the Executive Branch on ESG and the Implications for Sub-Advisory Products and Relationships

  • Survey the rapidly evolving ESG disclosure and data landscape as well as existing SEC and DOL regulations, to project where the field is going
  • Discuss with corporate issuers, asset owners and investment managers, whether and how ESG data and disclosures boost alpha generation, investment stewardship, and enterprise risk mitigation
  • Get practical insights on what you need to know on the SEC’s focus on climate and other ESG risks, to establish better frameworks and standards ahead of more prescriptive ground rules for ESG disclosures


Eivind Lorgen, Investor Advisory Group (IAG) Chair

Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)


Leslie Samuelrich, President

Green Century Capital Management

2:35PM – 3:20PM ET

The Newfound Reality of In-Person Versus Virtual

  • Get insight from research analysts on what changes in due diligence will last beyond pandemic
  • Understand the impact to manager selection criteria and how the field has changed – for better or worse – for smaller managers
  • Know what to expect and what’s preferred among gatekeepers for future business meeting protocols and networking


Tim Clift, Chief Investment Strategist 

Envestnet Asset Management 


Brad Watterson, AVP, Director of Investment Research

Touchstone Investments


Larry Vasquez, Partner, Senior Portfolio Manager  

Mercer Investments  

3:20PM – 3:50PM ET
Afternoon Networking Break

3:50PM – 4:35PM ET

Best Practices of Successful Asset Managers

  • Learn from the experts on how add value to your firm through great client servicing
  • Get tips to optimize your client services budget
  • Prepare for the unknown for better crisis management outcomes
  • Get practical communication strategies for personnel turnover, account losses, and other disasters


Moderator:  David Eisenberg, Managing Director – Pensions

Cambridge Associates


James Dunham, Director of Financial Institutions and National Accounts

William Blair Investment Management


Atticus Fallon, Business Development and Client Relations



Christopher Vella, Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Multi-Manager Investments 

Northern Trust Asset Management 

4:35PM – 4:45PM ET

Chairperson’s Summary of Day One

Ben Doob, Head of ISS Market Intelligence

ISS Market Intelligence

4:45PM – 5:45PM ET
Opt-in Networking Cocktail Reception

September 21, 2021

8:00AM – 2:00PM ET
Exhibit Hall Open
8:00AM – 9:00AM ET
Networking Breakfast

9:00AM – 9:10AM ET

Chairperson’s Day Two Opening Remarks

Ben Doob, Head of ISS Market Intelligence

ISS Market Intelligence

9:10AM – 10:00AM ET

What to Know to Break into the European Market

  • Understand the critical elements of the European Commission’s Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation and the shift from thematic to absolute requirements
  • Learn what is expected by EU regulators and how to define your responsible investment strategy per Articles 6, 8, 9
  • Survey how firms already operating in Europe are handling responsible investing disclosures


Amit Popat, Partner & International Business Leader, Wealth Management & E&F


10:00AM – 10:45AM ET

Define the S in ESG to Move the Needle on Establishing a Consistent Judging Framework

  • With Governance long established and Environmental data readily available, learn how fund sponsors and consultants define Social, how the definition has changed, and how to better plan and communicate your ESG integration
  • Compare different ways specific consultants and allocators view and measure ESG as part of due diligence to understand how they judge managers quantitatively
  • Learn how to effectively communicate your responsible investment strategy to better sell into gatekeepers
  • Better understand what gatekeepers are doing with the ESG information collected on questionnaires



Adam Choppin, Assistant Portfolio Manager, Multi Manager Strategies



Chavon Sutton, Senior Investment Director
Cambridge Associates

Sonia Kowal, President
Zevin Asset Management

A. Rama Krishna, Founder & Chief Investment Officer

ARGA Investment Management

10:45AM – 11:15AM ET
Morning Networking Break

11:15AM – 12:00PM ET

Benchmark and Build Successful Emerging Manager Programs

  • Get insight on conceptualization through execution from actual case studies
  • Explore what to consider when building a new program and how to benchmark success
  • Apply learnings from programs that have already developed a fast track frameworks for newer types of products such as ESG and ETFs


Tim Clift, Chief Investment Strategist 

Envestnet Asset Management 


Sheryl Mejia, Managing Partner  

Steward Asset Management 

12:00PM – 12:45PM ET

Keys to a Successful Sub-Advisory Business from the Sponsor’s Point of View

  • Understand what happens behind the scenes after you get selected andthe critical elements that go into getting hired beyond investment acumen 
  • Gain best practices around helping sponsors with regulatory filings and translating key data into a successful board presentation
  • Inventorycybersecurity expectations and ensure your networks, custodial feeds, and other third-party vendor services are sitting on secure systems 


Sunita Advaney, Director, National Accounts  

Principal Global Investors 

1:00PM – 2:00PM ET
Networking Lunch

2:00PM – 2:45PM ET

Grow Business Through Big Scalable Solutions for New and Existing Clients

  • Understand the drivers behind the adoption of model portfolios and why they’re expected to double or triple within financial advisors’ books of business in the next year
  • Survey the dramatic evolution of what’s available, from risk-based asset allocation to tax-aware, impact focused, and other specialty models
  • Discover associated tools that identify the proper model for your firm goals, strategies and resources
  • Understand how firms build and support the models and where the distribution opportunities are popping up


Bruce Picard, Managing Director, Head of Model Portfolios 

Manulife Investment Management 

2:45PM – 3:30PM ET

A Look at Sub-Advisory Through a Pricing Trends Lens

  • As prices have been driven down and active managers get displaced by beta discuss the viability of paying up for the niche managers
  • Assess where performance-based fees going and if that’s truly how you want to pay a manager
  • Compare of fulcrum fees versus institutional performance fees to understand the practicality and outcomes


James Dunham, Director of Financial Institutions and National Accounts  

William Blair Investment Management

3:30PM – 3:45PM ET

Chairperson’s Summary Remarks and Conference Concludes

Ben Doob, Head of ISS Market Intelligence

ISS Market Intelligence