Join Us for The Inaugural Mental Health and Wellness Policing Summit
Identifying and Supporting Mental Health and Wellness to Ensure Occupational Safety

The inaugural Mental Health and Wellness Policing Summit arms police professionals from across the nation with valuable insights on improving your current practices and securing the safety of your officers. Enjoy a five-star conference experience featuring a top-tier speaking faculty providing practical, compliant, and actionable guidance to advance the mental health, safety, and wellness of your team members.

Key Themes on the Agenda: 

Mental Health Awareness and Support
Guidance and Compassion
Knowledge Transfer and Peer-to-Peer Engagement

Food & Beverage Included in Your Registration:

Registration for Mental Health and Wellness Policing Summit includes all meals listed in the conference agenda including breakfast, lunch, and hors d'oeuvres & cocktails during networking receptions. The FRA conference experience is committed to excellence, so attendees can expect top-notch food and beverage alongside our high-quality content and speaking faculty. 

With a wide variety of topics that focus on issues related to the �mental health, safety, and wellness of law enforcement professionals, this is the nation's most comprehensive event for police and personnel across all job titles. You can expect to network with:

  • Police Officers & Sheriffs

  • Sergeants

  • Personnel & Recruitment

  • Human Resources

  • Lieutenants

  • Captains

  • Detectives

  • Commanders

  • Deputy Chiefs

  • Dispatchers