The annual event will return March 20-21 at the Harvard Club of New York City with an agenda filled with regulation updates and fresh recruitment and retention strategies needed to stay competitive in today’s environment.

The 8th Annual Mastering Client Services and RFPs for Institutional Investors will feature more than 20 specialized presenters, 15 strategy enhancement sessions, and two days at the impressive Harvard Club of New York City. This year’s program will relate to three timely content themes: regulation and legislation updates, recruitment and retention approach, and insights on vendors, security, and data.

Here’s a preview of some of the sessions FRA has planned:

Regulation and legislation updates

The conference will kick off with a panel discussion on compliance with the new securities and exchange commission (SEC) marketing materials ruling. Throughout the sessions, industry experts will explore the new SEC ruling related to marketing materials, including gross and net fees in all materials; current marketing materials to ensure compliance, and using approved testimonials, endorsements, and third-party ratings to boost visibility; and the consequences of noncompliance and how to guarantee your marketing team understands the importance of the new ruling.

The importance of the SEC’s proposed ESG disclosure rule will also be a top focus. The session will delve into the proposed rule impacting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and also climate-related risks for public companies; how to understand your organizations current rate of compliance with the SEC proposed rule to identify immediate changes that will need to be made; and the value for private companies to align with the public company ruling to remain competitive.

Recruitment and retention approach

During a session highlighting strategies to overcome hiring challenges, attendees will learn opportunities to hire from a diverse candidate pool with local and remote applicants to identify best fit for your organization, how to compare your organization with competitors to identify opportunities to stand out from the crowd when hiring from a small candidate pool, outsourcing opportunities to reduce labor needs which reduces the burden of hiring multiple new employees, and how to drive a change in diversity within your hiring process.

Mastering Client Services and RFPs for Institutional Investors

While exploring best practices to defeat retention issues, speakers will discuss opportunities to keep employees engaged and excited about their roles, financial and non-financial incentives to entice valuable employees to remain with your organization, employee success within the organization to strengthen the bond between employer and employee, and the impact of return to office on retention and identify its importance to your organization.

Insights on new vendors, security, and data

A session on relationship building for vendor management and oversite will offer best practices when building strong relationships with vendors to ensure continuity and success, how to develop a relationship to confirm a vendor understands the expectations and makes the solution work for your team, and how to evaluate vendor performance to identify areas of improvement and help with the decision to retain services or look for new opportunities.

Attendees will also hear from experts on managing the increase in cyber security and data safety. The session will focus on the importance of data security and best practices to ensure privacy of data, common mistakes that increase data risk, and the new solutions that can improve your data security efforts.

The 8th Annual Mastering Client Services and RFPs for Institutional Investors will be held at the Harvard Club of New York City on March 21-23. Click here to learn more, including the full agenda and registration information. Click here for room block information available at nearby hotels.