This year’s live-streaming virtual event will bring together professionals from mid-sized law firms driven to start the revolution in the middle. Whether in legal service delivery, client experience, practice support, technology, or business development, this two-day summit on June 2-3, 2021 will provide critical strategies to capitalize on opportunities and thrive in a dynamic, competitive environment. Here’s a sneak peek at the top five features to take the virtual stage.

1. Five key program themes

Throughout the 3rd Annual Mid-Sized Law Firm Summit, industry experts will share insights and top-notch content that integrates key themes relating to the current environment. The major themes will include:

  • Culture
  • Business opportunity
  • Agility
  • Talent acquisition and diversity
  • Competitive advantages

2. Kick-off keynote presentation

The summit will open with a powerful keynote address from Trisha Miltimore, chief passion igniter, Contagious Leadership Training, on differentiating yourself in a competitive market. While exploring client experience and personal leadership, Miltimore will share her personal tools to develop differentiation that is more than lip service as well as tips to drive innovation that fuels growth in clients, people, and profits.  

3. Hot-button panel discussions

The conference will feature four perceptive panel discussions between industry experts who will explore key matters among mid-sized law firms. Panel topics will include:

  • 2020: The perfect storm of profitability driving change or an aberration?
  • Why mid-sized law firms? Identifying and leveraging competitive advantages relative to firm size and agility
  • The client’s view of today’s competitive landscape for legal services
  • Mid-sized law firm innovation moving to advance diversity and inclusion

4. Case study example

In an in-depth look at the current war for top talent, Damian Cavaleri, partner, Hoguet Newman Regal & Kenney, LLP, will share a case study on talent acquisition and retention. Cavaleri will explore what top talent seeks and how small and mid-sized firms can create destination for those high performing associates. He’ll also discuss the benefits that the smaller firms gain as a result and how it enhances the firms’ abilities to provide competitive legal services for companies of all sizes.

5. Timely general sessions

Both days will include general sessions that focus on a series of topics:

Robert Surrette, shareholder & president, McAndrews, Held & Malloy, Ltd., will lead an enlightening session on productivity, creativity, and collaboration in the new normal. Surrette will investigate whether the efficiency gained by working remotely is outweighed by the impact on innovation and collaboration of working remotely, how to mitigate impacts on creativity and collaboration while recognizing and maximizing productivity positives, and steps mid-sized law firms can take to maintain collaboration.

Tom Jones, CEO/founder, Iridium Technology, will moderate a conversation around how to magnify your impact and deliver big-firm financial analysis on a mid-sized budget. Attendees will gain strategies to use powerful, yet affordable, analytical tools to deliver the same sophisticated analyses and in-depth reports big firms enjoy as well as how to capture perceptive insights that help you bolster your firm’s strengths and amplify your competitive edge.

To better understand how to help IT serve its higher purpose in the firm, Erik Schmidt, client engagement, managed services, HBR Consulting LLC, will focus on common problems and specific actions firm leadership can take to unleash the full potential of their CIOs considerable talent, the most common mistakes CIOs make that prevent them from becoming strategic contributors to the firm, and how to change this using a 360-degree framework.

Attendees will learn how to recognize and overcome internal barriers to innovation with Eric Hunter, chief technology and innovation officer, Bradford & Barthel, LLP, who will address several fundamental questions based on common assumptions, including how to develop your firm’s vision toward innovation, achieve buy-in from your board of directors, overcome challenges around leadership and cohesive coordination, and ensure your program evolves in a forward fashion with continued relevance.

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