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Save the Date for December 2023

The Private Investment Fund Tax & Accounting Forum

Get Updates and Best Practices on Effective Tax & Accounting Strategies
The Private Investment Fund Tax & Accounting Forum is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive program that features industry specialists and thought leaders sharing everything you need to know to not only safeguard your fund from costly tax legislation misinterpretations but thrive in a post-pandemic era.

  1. The future of private equity based on proposed regulatory measures from the SEC and IRS.
  2. Tax implications of handling foreign investors’ funds in the U.S. 
  3. Remaining compliant with state and federal regulation on reporting of crypto currencies
  4. The role of auditing in private equity

As the industry’s most complete and concise tax and accounting event for both private equity and hedge funds, connect with tax and accounting firms, fund administrators, attorneys with fund clients, portfolio companies, and funds from around the country.

Stay tuned for details on next year's event.

Who Should Attend

Private Equity and Hedge Funds, Portfolio Companies if you are:

  • Financial OR Internal auditors 
  • Compliance auditors 
  • State tax specialists 
  • Chief Operating Officers 
  • Chief Investment Officers 
  • Chief Tax Officers 


Top Reasons to Attend

There is a reason attendees return to this event year after year. Check out a few of the reasons they attended our last event: 

  • Receive an update on IRS and SEC proposed regulations that would impact private equity and hedge funds.

  • Learn how to maximize gains on tax filings related to carried interest.

  • Discuss strategies related to tax loss harvesting across a variety of asset classes.

  • Understand the growing dynamic between internal auditing and private investment funds as regulatory measures push for increased transparency.

  • Identify challenges with filing tax on crypto currencies and understand reporting requirements.